Explore Our Leadership Programs

The Fresh Air Fund’s leadership programs provide our students with opportunities for experiences and exposure, empowering them to become leaders in their communities. A child may join a Fresh Air program at age seven or eight and stay involved with The Fresh Air Fund until graduating from high school and beyond. Through immersive outdoor experiences and year-round programs, we support our students on their journey as they define and then work towards achieving their goals.

Now as a CIT, I get to come for the whole summer, which is great because I always want more time at camp. I meet new people every year. We don’t have our phones, so we tell stories to each other and we make each other laugh. Being a CIT has showed me that I am a great leader.

Joelyne, 16, Counselor-in-Training, Camp ABC

Teen Leadership Program

The Teen Leadership Program serves young women, ages 13 – 17, and provides them with a safe and supportive environment to focus on their future goals. Teens are challenged to develop their leadership skills and express themselves within an emotionally safe and supportive environment. Through leadership development and team building workshops, creative writing classes and poetry slams, our teens become more confident and more independent.

During the academic year, students participate in the Young Women’s Giving Circle (YWGC), a youth-led program that teaches girls about the importance of community service and the power of philanthropy.

Cit Program

The CIT program serves as an important transition supporting our campers and helping them on their journey from camper to counselor. Our CITs develop leadership, team-building, and communication skills, and serve as role models to our younger campers. CITs work during the summer to prepare for the multi-day hike and also shadow counselors to learn about all the hard work it takes to make camp safe and fun.