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Friendly Towns

Staying with a host family is a unique and fun opportunity to travel to a new place and make new friends.

What do Fresh Air kids and host families tell us they enjoy the most? Learning to swim, riding bikes, catching fireflies, star gazing and playing in the backyard.

When I leave I start counting the days until I can come back. I love the open spaces, the trees, running in my bare feet… and the Duffys.

Issy, Bronx, NY
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Omari has become a part of our family. He has taught us about love, friendship, and how people can look different and still be a family.

Erin Mastronardi, Port Washington, NY
To Host A Child


With nature as their classroom, our campers gain self-confidence, learn to adapt to new situations, develop life skills and make new friends.

A day at camp is full of fun activities like learning to swim, playing a guitar and making s’mores around a campfire.

Because my counselors believed in me, I’ve become much more motivated and ambitious. I want to accomplish so much, and now I know I can.

Evan, Camp Tommy
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Working at camp helped me understand that I am passionate about helping others succeed.

Emikhe, Camp ABC Staff and Alum
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Did you know we offer student and community groups hands-on interactive experiences to learn about the environment and explore nature? Groups visit the Sharpe Environmental Center, the Gustafson Planetarium, our high and low ropes courses, hike along our nature trails and much more!

It’s Summer All Year Long