Work At Camp

 The Fresh Air Fund was not able to run the traditional camping program for summer 2021. 

We look for candidates who are excited to work with children and bring a unique skill set to our camps. Camp staff mentor and teach our campers – all while developing leadership skills that can be applied to any future career. Learn more about our six camps here. 


  • Must be 18 years or older by the start of camp
  • Must have experience working with children
  • At least one year of college preferred
  • A demonstrated commitment to work with children from underserved communities
  • Must be able to commit to the full summer program. Click here to see dates.

This Summer:

82were alumni of FAF programs

OVER 475 Staff hired

176 were international

Here’s How Our Application Process Works


Fill out an application

During the application process, you will have the chance to indicate which position(s) and camps you are interested in applying for. To learn more about our six different camps, click here. Staff are encouraged to apply to the camp(s) of their choice, regardless of gender. While we do not have an application deadline, we encourage interested applicants to apply as early as possible since we hire staff on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.


Your application will be reviewed by one of our Camp Directors

If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you to schedule a time to speak with one of our Camp Directors. We conduct interviews over the phone, Skype or in-person (for local applicants).



You will be asked to provide contact information for three references. Your references should know you in an academic or professional setting, such as teachers, mentors and current/ former employers. We will send your references an online form to complete, later in the application process.


Returning staff members should email for instructions on how to reapply.


Staff need to commit to working at camp for the entire summer, which includes all orientation and session dates listed below. Please mention any scheduling conflicts during your interview.

2020 Staff Orientation Dates

All staff are required to participate in our extensive orientation program prior to the arrival of our campers. Orientation is mandatory for new and returning staff members. Start dates vary by the specific position a staff member is hired for. Staff will travel to camp on their scheduled start date and will stay at camp through the end of the first session. The Fresh Air Fund provides free transportation from New York City to camp for specific dates during the orientation.                 

Director of Specialists, Program Director, Waterfront Directors & Assistant Directors

Wednesday, June 10

Administrative Staff (Village Leaders, Camper Liaisons, etc.)

Friday, June 12

Waterfront Staff without Red Cross Certification

Friday, June 12

Waterfront Staff with Red Cross Certification

Monday, June 15

Program Specialists, Ropes & Farm Staff

Monday, June 15

General Counselors

Friday, June 19

2020 Session Dates

Camps ABC, Hayden-Marks, Hidden Valley, Junior and Tommy:

Session 1

Mon, June 29 - Fri, July 10

Session 2

Mon, July 13 – Fri, July 24

Session 3

Mon, July 27 – Fri, Aug 7

Session 4

Mon, Aug 10 – Fri, Aug 21

Camp Mariah:

Session 1

Mon, June 29 – Wed, July 22

Session 2

Wed, July 29 – Fri, Aug 21


My campers taught me that flexibility and patience are key for anything you do. I hope that they learned a bit of code and a different way of thinking from me.

Hakeem, Coding Instructor & General Counselor

I love team building. Even though the campers only come for two weeks, it feels like years because the change you see in kids in just two weeks is so profound. I even switched my major from nutrition to social work.

Lindsey, Village Leader

What To Expect

  • Staff training

    The Fresh Air Fund provides orientation and comprehensive training before campers arrive. Issues covered during orientation include how to deal with homesickness, behavioral management, safety matters, and leadership techniques. Training is ongoing throughout the summer.

  • Living at Camp

    All staff are required to live at camp during the summer. Staff live in cabins with a group of children while members of the administrative team live in staff housing. Facilities at Camps ABC, Hayden- Marks and Tommy are rustic. Some cabins do not have electricity and bathrooms are located a short walk away. Camps Mariah and Hidden Valley have more modern accommodations, but all staff should be comfortable living in a rustic environment.

  • Cell phones and computers

    Camp staff live and work with campers on a 24/7 basis and will not have access to cell phones, computers, and social media throughout the day. Staff may check their phones and/or use computer labs during their time off but not while they are on-duty.

  • Transportation

    We will provide free round-trip transportation between New York City and camp at the start and end of the summer. Staff traveling 300 miles or more to camp are eligible for a small travel stipend to help with the costs involved with getting to New York City.

    During time off, van transportation is provided for trips into town. Transportation to and from New York City during session breaks is also provided. Staff members are permitted to have cars at camp.

  • Time off

    Time off schedules will vary by a staff member’s specific position and camp and will be determined at the start of each session. Staff can expect to have time off for at least one 24 hour period and an evening within each encampment as well as the days in between each camp session.

  • College credit

    The Fresh Air Fund will assist students who wish to earn college credits for their work at camp. Students should first check with their college to see if they are eligible to receive credit for working at camp and then discuss any requirements ahead of time with an assigned Camp Director to ensure that all necessary paperwork can be completed.

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