campers, ages 8-9, enjoy activities from swimming, sports and outdoor adventure to music and art classes. 

Counselors and campers build a sense of community with cheers, camp carnivals, and s’mores around a campfire.  

Watch our video and experience Camp Hidden Valley

My favorite thing about camp is swimming because I get to learn how to swim and play with my friends at the same time!

Anita, 9, Camper

I like going swimming and being in the woods. And I love doing all the basketball activities – we play almost every day!

Ariel, 10, Camper

At camp, I love basketball, football, soccer, and swimming. I want to be a counselor because my counselors are so fun!

Wilson, 11, Camper

Camp activities may include:

  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Martial arts
  • Architecture
  • Culinary arts
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Model farm
  • Creative writing
  • Overnight hike
  • And much more!


8-12 campers are in a cabin. Each cabin has two bathrooms. Counselors live in the cabins with the campers.

The Blavatnik Family and Warner Group Center for Music

Opened in 2015, with the generous support of the Blavatnik family and Warner Music Group, the center offers a custom space for music, dance, theater and DJ courses. Campers have guitar lessons and even learn how to create their own music and record samples in studio sessions.