boys ages 9 -12 years old laugh and sing together as they step outside of their comfort zone. The boys are encouraged to be curious and try new things. Every day is an adventure, whether in mad science class where campers create their own experiments like building lava lamps, swimming, or cheering each other on during performing arts or on the ball field.

Hayden-Marks is a special place where boys are able to enjoy being kids and challenge themselves in a supportive environment. Our campers tell us Hayden is special because it becomes their second home.

This is my first time here. I really enjoy swimming and the lake, and the environment feels so peaceful. Not many camps have lakes, so I think it’s awesome and lucky to be on one. The staff seems really friendly and relaxed, and they already feel like a family. My friends here are a lot of fun and we have a great time together!

Angelo, 10, Camper

I have learned how to get outside of my comfort zone and overcome my nervousnessI’ve also learned how to interact with the kids and build a bond with them. I have developed leadership skills and taken on responsibility. After being a CIT, I have realized that I love facilitating workshops and being a leader – this skill has opened many doors to me.

Ralph, 16, Counselor-in-Training

Being away from home has been an amazing adventure for me! It’s an entirely new and exciting experience that I absolutely cherish.

Jayden, 11

I went to Camp Hayden-Marks for one year and then Camp Mariah for two years. My favorite part of my Fresh Air experience is hiking – it’s good for you and the views are incredible. Im excited to learn more about being professional and respectful of the working environment, as well as advancing my skills through teaching classes and leading activities. Being a CIT has taught me  to be openminded and look at things from other perspectives.

Alexis, 15, Counselor-in-Training

Camp activities include:

  • Creative writing
  • Performing arts
  • International sports
  • Global culture
  • Overnight hike
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Swimming
  • Guitar
  • Dance
  • Mad science
  • Photography
  • Culinary arts
  • Planetarium
  • Model farm
  • And much more!


Campers live in rustic cabins. Cabins either house 12 campers and 4 staff or 6 campers and 2 staff. All cabins have electricity. All bathrooms have indoor plumbing and electricity and are located a short walk from the cabins.