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More Than a Summer: A Parent’s Perspective 

We understand that deciding when your child is ready for their first summer overnight experience is a big decision and are excited to share some perspectives directly from parents of Fresh Air participants and alumni!  

Emma Cruz 

Emma Cruz with her daughter Jaida.

“The Friendly Towns program has introduced my daughter to a whole different environment. I’m glad that she was able to have this experience and to grow. After being a part of The Fresh Air Fund, I definitely see that she has been able to step outside of her comfort zone, which comes in handy since she is going off to college now. This program helped prepare her to make good decisions as an individual. I was hesitant at first however, once you get to know the people and see the bond they create, it’s all worth it in the end.” 

Waleska Morales  

The Morales family enjoyed a day exploring the outdoors as part of the Family Wellness program.

“I wanted my children to be able to do different things than from when they’re at home so that means no cellphones while they are at camp. Everything the camp had to offer was an amazing experience – fishing, hiking, and visiting the farm… The Fresh Air Fund had a positive impact on my children. It provides amazing experiences that I think every family should take advantage of.” 

Phoenix Brooks 

The Brooks family spent time connecting together at camp as part of the Family Wellness program.

“We absolutely love The Fresh Air Fund. I think our family is the epitome of what it looks like to take advantage of the free opportunities The Fresh Air Fund provides. Both of my girls were counselors. Adia attended CCP program which helped her graduate and receive a scholarship to attend college. The Fresh Air Fund has been there for us and has provided good things for us.

When Adia first participated in the Young Women’s Giving Circle program, I had to go with her. During the meetings, she only felt comfortable speaking to me. At first, Adia didn’t make any friends. By the time Adia finished the program, she became more comfortable. Adia shared that having mentors through the program helped her come out of her shell.  

For Alesia, she really wanted to become a counselor. My girls always shared they wanted to be Fresh Air counselors because they want to impact others like their lives were impacted.  

The Fresh Air Fund becomes your family! You get to know familiar faces every time you go to a program. Seeing the same counselors each year made a huge difference for us. The more engaged you are with The Fresh Air Fund; the more opportunities will become available for you and your family.” 

Biyi Lin

Biyi Lin tried new outdoor activities with friends and family at The Fund’s Family Wellness program.

“At camp, it’s a good opportunity for them to learn in a new environment that people come from different cultures and different places. People can gather and have fun together, and they can get in touch with nature and try things they’ve never tried before.” 

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