February 14, 2024 Category: Fresh Air Fun

10 Things We Love About Camp

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and one thing we love the most is camp!  We’re excited to share 10 things we love about camp! 

1. Making lifelong friends

Camp is the place where forever friendships are found.

2. Spending time outside

Children love spending time outdoors with their new friends!

3. Swimming in the lake

There’s nothing better than jumping into the refreshing lake on a hot summer day!

4. Visiting the Model Farm

All our animal lovers always have a blast meeting the different farm animals and learning about plants at the Model Farm.

5. Learning teamwork skills from our counselors

Our counselors are amazing at inspiring campers and teaching them new things!

6. Cooking new recipes in culinary arts class

From making pizza to fried Oreos, children love experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes.

7. Discovering new talents

Camp provides a supportive environment to try new things and find new talents, like archery!

8. Kayaking with friends

Learning how to kayak and playing games in the lake is a favorite activity for many campers.

9. Getting creative

Camp offers so many outlets to explore your creative side through different arts and crafts projects, like painting, fashion and photography!

10. Being ourselves!

Most importantly, we love camp because it’s a place where we can be ourselves!

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