Scout Troops

Looking for an exciting way to connect your troop to the outdoors? Look no further than the Sharpe Reservation.

Scout Troops can choose from any of our three program offerings. Troops can come on a day trip and choose from our selected curriculum to maintain social distancing in an outdoor learning setting, or troops and families can also register for our seasonal family trips. Seasonal family trips connect families to the outdoors and the wonders of each season. Family activities change each season to highlight that season at the Sharpe Reservation. 

Not able to come to Sharpe? Register for a virtual field trip and let the magic of Sharpe come to you.  

All in person programs are limited in size and are facilitated outdoors as much as possible.  

Day trips to Sharpe start at $130 for up to ten participants, additional participants are $13. There is no cost for adult chaperones.  

Virtual trips start at $100 for 45 minutes. 

Seasonal Family Trips cost $75.00 for family up to 4 people.  Each additional person is $20.00.  Maximum group size of 10 people. 

To register for a day or virtual trip simply, click here.

To register for a seasonal family trip, click here.

For more information, call (845) 897-4320.