Meet Our Host Families

Our host families all live in very different communities. They might live in a small town, a rural area or the suburbs. Or they might live near a lake, mountains or the beach. There is no typical host family. Hosts may have children close in age to their Fresh Air child, or might not have children.

What do hosts have in common? They have big hearts and are excited to share their community and part of their summer with a Fresh Air child.

I have so much fun doing things with Camila that she can’t do in the city. She’s such a special part of our family.

Lisa Kercher, Host Parent

Treasure taught me to appreciate the small things and realize the importance of family time. I remember the first year, Treasure actually set her alarm so she could wake up early, make breakfast with me and spend some time together. It was really sweet.

Antonia Cleaveland, Host Parent

I’ve seen Adam grow up and become a teenager alongside my son. When he comes to Vermont he loves exploring mountain streams and going kayaking.

Christine Selig, Host Parent

One of the things that I think Josh and I both love is sitting on the porch in the evening – we built this routine that we would eat dinner and then go out on our porch and play games.

Sara Barber-Just, Host Parent