At Camp Tommy…

Boys, ages 12.5-15, have fun swimming, playing basketball and volleyball, learning new skills like playing musical instruments and woodworking. The camp is named after Tommy Hilfiger for his generous support.

Campers develop a strong sense of brotherhood, building friendships and supporting each other – as they take on new challenges like the zip line on the high ropes course or during a team-building activity.

Campers tell us they look forward to becoming Counselors-in-Training and participating in the leadership and skill building workshops which will prepare them to return to camp as counselors.

Watch our video and experience Camp Tommy

My favorite memory is definitely last summer when I scored the winning touchdown. We play lots of sports at camp like baseball, basketball and football. I really like science too.

Carlton, 15, Camper

Now that I’m a counselor, I worry about the campers. It’s hilarious to see the kids laughing and making jokes! We teach kids how to build fires and camp out in the woods -skills they wouldn’t learn in the city.

Jordan, Fresh Air Alum and Counselor

My counselors are always encouraging me. And, I learned that teamwork is very important. Like in arts and crafts, we made stress balls and it takes two people to make one so you have to help out your friends.

Joshua, 15, Camper

I miss camp a lot when I’m not here. I countdown the days until I go back. You can focus here. It’s peaceful.

Devonte, 12, Camper

Camp activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Guitar
  • Drumming
  • Volleyball
  • Clubs
  • Planetarium
  • Model farm
  • Ropes course
  • Art
  • Overnight hike
  • And much more!


Campers are grouped in cabins based on age. Cabins are rustic and not all have electricity. All bathrooms have indoor plumbing, electricity and are centrally located a short walk from the cabins.