is the summer component of the year round Career Awareness Program. Children, ages 11-15, attend Camp Mariah for three and a half weeks each summer. 

Campers explore their interests in classes like film, photography, fashion, culinary arts, debate and international relations. A careers class helps campers create resumes and cover letters and conduct mock interviews. Campers also play team sports, swim every day and explore the outdoors in environmental science class.

Camp Mariah is named in honor of Board member Mariah Carey for her generous support.

It’s been really fun and I’ve been able to have a lot of new experiences. I’ve learned how to swim, go boating, and build a bridge. I’ve also practiced writing cover letters and doing job interviews. Right now, I’m working on my resume. In the city, I’m inside on my phone a lot, but here, I spend a lot of time outdoors. It really showed me a different way of living.

Al-lisha, 11, Camper

I look forward to doing everything. I like learning about photography. My favorite part about the class is the teacher. He gave us goals of things to take pictures of and the camper to find the most won.

Isaac, 11, Camper

This is my first time coding. I love learning how to use computers to solve equations. I also really like the evening activities, like the Amazing Race. That’s where we had different stations and challenges to complete around camp. Well actually it’s all really fun!

Genelle, 13, Camper

My campers are the best teachers. They’ve taught me patience, strength and resilience. Some kids have already experienced so much and still walk through life chin-up and broad-shouldered, defying those who doubt them. They give me a new perspective on growth that inspires me to never stop learning and growing.

Shanel, 21, Fresh Air Alum and Drama Instructor

Camp activities may include:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Swimming
  • Sports
  • Archery
  • Career skills
  • Chess
  • Coding
  • Culinary arts
  • Model farm
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Overnight camping
  • Overnight hike
  • Environmental science
  • Fashion design
  • Creative writing
  • Ropes course
  • And much more!


Campers live in cabins with counselors. Cabins have electricity, indoor showers and restrooms. Cabins are heated for our winter camping program.