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Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors are staff members under the age of 18 who successfully completed The Fresh Air Fund’s Counselor-In-Training Program. They work alongside General Counselors during the summer and are assigned to live with a cabin of 6-12 campers each session. Junior Counselors will immerse themselves in daily camp activities and routines with their campers. They will never be left alone in charge of a group or with an individual camper and will participate in ongoing trainings throughout the summer to prepare them to work as General Counselors in the future.

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Position Description

  • Assigned to work with a specific cabin group, campstead or village to assist General Counselors in providing 24-hour-a-day direct supervision, leadership and guidance to twelve campers.
  • Junior Counselors are never left alone in charge of a group or with an individual camper but will assist counselors with the group when necessary and as assigned.
  • Take over short-term group responsibilities under supervision of a counselor and/or administrator.
  • Participate in weekly ongoing leadership training program.
  • Understand that campers come first and decisions should be made in the best interest of campers.
  • Live in a cabin with campers and co-counselors for the full duration of each camp session. Time off will be arranged by the Village Leader and off-camp time off is allowed only when accompanied by an Administrator.
  • Be an active member of the camp community by participating in all camp programming including camp-wide events, overnights, hikes, swimming, ropes courses, activities, and village meetings.
  • Strive to work in a cooperative manner with fellow staff to achieve goals of the program.
  • Explain and enforce the policies, traditions and rules of camp.
  • Invest time with campers to meet their needs, challenge their capabilities, and serve as a role model during their time at camp.
  • Assume responsibility for the use and care of camp equipment and facilities.
  • Be totally familiar with emergency procedures and follow them when necessary.

Summer salary:

$1,600 plus room and board


  • Must be at least 17 years of age.
  • Must be a Counselor-in-Training program graduate.
  • Prior experience working with children is required.
  • Passionate about working with children.
  • Interested in working and living in the outdoors for the summer.
  • Emotionally mature with a willingness to work as a team player.
  • Flexible and willing to accept challenges and step outside comfort zone.
  • Able to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Available for the entire duration of the summer program.