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Camper Liaison

Camper Liaisons are responsible for assisting staff members with camper behavior issues. This includes reviewing daily camper reports and providing support and guidance to staff members who have challenging campers.

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Position Description

  • Provide immediate support to staff members who require additional assistance in difficult situations and help to resolve conflicts between campers.
  • Work on a one-to-one basis with campers who require additional support and update camp staff about behavior plans or behavior contracts made with campers.
  • Communicate with administrative staff and General Counselors regarding campers’ behaviors, general health and well-being.
  • Answer phone calls from parents to update them on their child’s daily progress at camp. Communicate with administrative staff about these phone calls.
  • Value each camper as a unique individual and recognize their individual needs.
  • Have a clear understanding of camp rules relating to addressing behavior issues and how to treat campers.
  • Accompany villages who may require additional support on hikes and overnights.
  • Obtain paperwork from Village Leaders and follow up on any pending documentation.
  • Accompany campers who are leaving camp early on the train back to FAF’s NYC office.
  • Communicate any concerns regarding the physical and mental health and overall well-being of campers to the Camp Director.
  • Plan and design workshops relating to challenging behavior and methods of addressing it.
  • Assist Camp Director, Assistant Director, and Program Directors with daily duties.
  • Understand that campers come first and decisions should be made in the best interest of the campers.
  • Explain and enforce the policies, traditions and rules of camp.
  • Demonstrate a caring, supportive and professional demeanor, including avoiding fraternizing with general staff with on/off duty.
  • Strive to work in a cooperative manner with fellow staff to achieve goals of the program.
  • Invest time with campers to meet their needs, challenge their capabilities, and serve as a role model during their time at camp.
  • Assume responsibility for the use and care of camp equipment and facilities.
  • Be totally familiar with emergency procedures and follow them when necessary.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the start of camp.
  • At least three years of college or equivalent is preferred. College graduates are strongly preferred.
  • Should have extensive experience as a staff member in a residential camp setting. Prior supervisory experience is preferred.
  • Must be able to supervise in a fair and diplomatic manner.
  • Passionate about working with children.
  • Interested in working and living in the outdoors for the summer.
  • Emotionally mature with a willingness to work as a team player.
  • Flexible and willing to accept challenges and step outside comfort zone.
  • Able to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Driver’s license preferred.
  • Available for the entire duration of the summer program.