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The Fresh Air Fund’s Expert Tips on Day Hiking

Did you know that The Fresh Air Fund’s Sharpe Reservation has hiking trails! Every Fresh Air camper goes on an overnight hike and while many campers are nervous at first by the time they finish their hike, they are proud of their accomplishment.  

We asked Lou, a Sharpe Educator (and our resident hiking expert) at The Fund’s Sharpe Reservation to share some of his top hiking tips.   

Bring a Friend 

Some benefits of group hiking or hiking with a friend include building connections, having a common goal to achieve together, and most importantly for safety (especially if you are new to hiking).  

Use a Map  

Most trails and parks provide free printed maps which are available at the start of the trail. This is important to have because many trails do not have cellular service available. Maps are also very helpful when choosing a trail as they often provide the difficulty level and length to complete the trail. 

Be Prepared  

It’s important to know how to prepare for a hike the night before.  Be sure to consider Lou’s recommended check list:  

  • Have the proper footwear that provides grip.  
  • Understand the map trail and know how to read the trail markers.  
  • Know the weather and dress accordingly.  
  • Let someone know where you are hiking and for how long – this is important for safety.  
  • Stay Hydrated! Pack a bag with the food and extra water.  

Take a Deep Breath 

Sometimes the best part of the hike is to stop, take in a breath of fresh air and enjoy the nature around you. It’s a calming and relaxing experience that allows you to connect with your surroundings. A hike is the perfect activity when you need to clear your mind.  


“I loved Camp ABC because of hiking! Hiking taught me about leadership and teamwork skills,” 16-year-old, Jennifer shared.  

Hiking is a fun activity and Fresh Air campers learn so much during their experience. It’s great exercise in the outdoors for kids and families.  

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