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Summer 2023 Friendly Towns Photo Contest: Part 2

Summers with the Friendly Towns program are an incredible experience for both the children and host families involved. From playing games at state fairs to hiking trails and swimming at the beach, the memories made will last forever. 

We received so many wonderful photos for our Summer 2023 Friendly Towns Photo Contest that we couldn’t fit them all in one blog post! Families were eager to share more photos of memorable moments – check out some of our favorites! 

Raniah and the Ferris Family 

Raniah returned for her second summer to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to spend time with the Ferris family. They explored flower fields and went to Hershey Park! 

Auria and the Gates Family 

Auria visited the Gates family for the first time in Wilbraham, Massachusetts! The girls enjoyed baking cookies, swimming and spending time outside. 

London and the Stuhltrager Family 

London traveled to Perkasie, Pennsylvania, to stay with the Stuhltrager family. They went on a lot of hikes and played with the family’s dog! 

Kimberly and the Bergeron Family 

Kimberly returned to Bedford, New Hampshire, for her fourth visit with the Bergeron family! A highlight of the week was visiting a waterfall!  

Amina and the Blair Family 

Amina visited the Blair family in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, for the first time this summer. They visited museums and even made their own teddy bears! 

Desirae and the Murdoch Family 

Desirae returned for her sixth summer with the Murdoch family in Oswego, New York! The girls spent a lot of time exploring by the water and are already making plans for next summer. 

Richard and the Baumgartner-Kramer Family 

Richard first visited the Baumgartner-Kramer family in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, in 2013 and returned for his eighth summer! 

Madeline and the Mountain Family 

The Mountain family welcomed Madeline back for her second summer visit in Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania. They went bowling, enjoyed ice cream, baked brownies and painted! 

Elizabeth and the Raia Family 

Elizabeth visited the Raia family for the first time in Chester, New Jersey. One of their favorite things to do was running around outside! 

Kashmir and the Finn Family 

Kashmir visited the Finn Family in Rydal, Pennsylvania, for the first time! The boys enjoyed some corndogs on the beach and went to a baseball game. 

Paris and the Southworth Family 

Paris traveled to Sayville, New York, for the first time to visit the Southworth family! They had ice cream sundaes and built sandcastles.  

Israel and the Burkhardt-Lackey Family 

Israel went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for his fourth summer with the Burhardt-Lackey family! Some highlights of the week were playing mini golf, visiting a lighthouse and going biking. 

Brittney and the Sollenberger Family 

Brittney visited the Sollenberger family in Newville, Pennsylvania, for the first time. They went to a carnival, played with kittens and swam in the pool! 

Gabriella and the Levine-Surigao Family 

Gabriella visited the Levine-Surigao family in Chatham, New Jersey, for the first time. They went to the beach and played with the dogs. 

Eli and the McClave Family 

The McClave family welcomed Eli to New Canaan, Connecticut, for the first time! They spent a lot of time by the water. 

Brenda and the Daczewitz Family 

Brenda first visited the Daczewitz family in Blandon, Pennsylvania, in 2014 and returned for her eighth summer! They played mini golf, explored a sunflower field and went jet skiing.  

Brandon and the Parish-Miller Family 

Brandon returned for his fifth summer with the Parish-Miller family in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. They swam in the pool and went to a carnival! 

Thank you to all of the host families that participated this summer and thank you to our committed volunteer leaders! Sign up or volunteer for the Friendly Towns program today.