January 31, 2023 Category: What's New? Our Programs

Mentorship Matters: Goals, Growth and Connections 

“I decided to become a mentor because I knew the impact that my mentor had on me and how it shaped a lot of my experiences. Having a mentor helped me make better decisions and become more responsible,” volunteer peer mentor, Maleah Johnson shared.   

Why is Mentorship Important?  

This January, we celebrated National Mentorship month. The Fresh Air Fund community has incredible mentors – whether it’s a volunteer CCP mentor, a camp counselor or staff member. At Fresh Air, we believe mentorship is key to supporting teens as they grow, overcome challenges, create goals and make choices about their future.  

“It’s great to have mentors. I was able to meet different people and learn about different career options and colleges,” CCP student, Irene, said. 

The College Connections Program (CCP)  

CCP supports teens with skill building and increases access to post-secondary education by increasing awareness for students and their parents about post-secondary processes during their high school years. High School students receive mentorship from volunteer mentors (all working professionals) who guide students by supporting the student’s interests, developing academic and personal skills, and enriching their transition into the collegiate environment.  

After graduating High School, CCP continues to support alums by connecting them to possible scholarships and grant opportunities to further their education, facilitating conversations on how to navigate their college campus, identifying potential internships and offering professional networking opportunities.


This month, CCP celebrated the new year together! The CCP reunion brunch allowed peers and mentors to connect in person – participate in workshops and start the year inspired by each other. 
Photo by: Julia Comerford 

“Mentorship helps people visualize their goals. Mentors guide individuals as they work through complex issues and supports individuals by developing skills and training their mindset – it’s all about perspective,” College Connections Program Manager, Bentley Gordon shares. 

Staying Connected

During the 2022-2023 academic year, The Fund launched the Peer Mentoring Program that connects students with other CCP alumni who are either attending the same school or studying the same field. This unique opportunity provides additional support to handling challenges and fostering personal growth. 

“My counselors, mentors and tutors taught me to be brave, open my mind, step out of my comfort zone and take chances. Fresh Air was a pathway to fulfill my dreams, shine a light on what my future could be and show me how to get there,” Ariel Pierre, Fresh Air Fund Career Awareness Program alum, shared. 

Learn more about how you can be a mentor with The Fresh Air Fund!