October 19, 2023 Category: Fresh Air Fun

Rain or Shine, Camp is Always a Good Time! 

Summers with The Fresh Air Fund are full of exploring the outdoors, hiking in the woods, swimming in the lake and spending time with friends outside! Occasionally, a storm will linger around camp and thunder and lightning will send everyone inside for the day. Have no fear: rain or shine, campers and counselors always know how to have a good time! 

A chess tournament at Camp Mariah 

Camp Mariah’s chess tournament was a great way to pass time as it rained. 

At Camp Mariah, a chess tournament was the perfect way to stay busy on a rainy day! Campers of all skill levels gathered in the dining hall to demonstrate the techniques they learned in chess class. Dozens of rooks, knights and bishops lined the tables as pawns were exchanged, queens captured, and most importantly, kings checked. 

“This summer, I won my first chess match!” said 13-year-old Ellie. 

The best part of playing chess is being able to show off your knowledge by teaching a friend! Campers are always excited to help one another better understand the rules of chess and experiment with new strategies. 

Camp ABC Carnival 

The Camp ABC dining hall was converted into a carnival with music, snacks and games! 

Exhilarating relay races and team games don’t have to be outside! When it rained on carnival day, Camp ABC transformed the dining hall into the perfect space for two teams to compete in a series of races and contests. A blindfolded obstacle course was a fun opportunity to build trust among campers. Tug-of-war evoked some friendly competition as campers cheered for their teammates.  

The day was also full of face painting, hula hooping contests, cornhole and other carnival games. While the rain was pouring down outside, the energy inside was full of excitement! 

Guitar classes at Camp ABC 

Campers strum away during their guitar lessons. 

At the Fresh Air Fund, campers have the opportunity to learn how to read music and play the guitar through a partnership with The ASCAP Foundation, which is always fun — rain or shine!

Noah, 8, from Camp Hidden Valley said, “Guitar has been my favorite activity. I’ve never played before, but I was really good!” 

In just one session, campers were able to learn an entire new song! 

“We played guitar with this nice teacher. He taught us how to play ‘Cake by the Ocean’ on the guitar. I learned the whole song in one session! After playing guitar, I feel like an artist and very creative,” said 12-year-old Allana. 

Movie day at Camp Tommy 

Camp Tommy set up an indoor movie theater. 

A rainy day would not be complete without a movie! At Camp Tommy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was projected onto the big screen in the dining hall for everyone to enjoy. Campers gathered around with mats and chairs to watch as the rain continued to fall outside. 

Robotics class at Camp Mariah 

Teamwork is an important part of robotics class. 

A favorite rainy-day activity at Camp Mariah is robotics! Robotics classes encourage kids to work together and push themselves to solve STEM problems.  

Crystal, 12, at Camp Mariah has loved spending time experimenting in robotics. “Here at robotics class, I really like the teacher and how I got to turn on an LED light using a transistor and some wires. I am looking forward to getting to build my own robot.” 

From illuminating lights to building robots, campers were so busy they almost forgot it was raining. 

Indoor photoshoots at Camp Mariah 

All smiles for the camera! 

Taking photos inside was an entertaining way to spend a rainy day at Camp Mariah. Campers had a blast posing in front of the camera with their friends!

Arts and crafts at Camp Hayden-Marks 

Painting at Camp Hayden-Marks is one of the best ways to wait out the rain.

Campers passed time on a rainy day by exploring their inner artist. From drawing sketches to sculpting with clay to sewing clothing, the creative possibilities were endless.  

“I think drama class and drawing are my favorite things to do here. Yesterday, when it started raining, I drew sneakers and heels,” said Mia, 9. 

With so many exciting rainy-day activities, campers learned an important lesson that here at The Fresh Air Fund, we always have fun “dancing in the rain!” 

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