August 12, 2021 Category: Fresh Air Fun

Portrait Of Summer: What Does Summer Mean to You?

At The Fresh Air Fund, summer is a special time full of fun, new experiences, new friends and new adventures! 

We recently launched a new community art project, Portrait of Summer, asking our Fresh Air community to share what summer means to them and have been so excited to see the colorful drawings, incredible paintings and even created digital art that has been submitted.  

Harold, 16 from the Bronx 

 “My art is a drawing of palm trees next to a beach. There are bushes and other palm trees that are set through the sides of the paper to show that there is more than one palm tree on the beach. And it is sunny with clouds. What summer means to me is spending time with family, relaxation, fun, outdoor activities, traveling and spending time with friends. My Fresh Air experience inspired this piece because it reminds me of camping throughout the past few years when I was at The Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Junior and Camp Tommy.” 

Shandra Woworuntu, Fresh Air parent 

Watercolor: Safe heaven place for the explorer – Hike at The Fresh Air Fund 
Painted on 8/4/2021 at the Fresh Air Family Wellness program.  
“Children safely explore The Fresh Air Fund campsite. Nicholas, my 14 years old loved to hike when he was younger and he felt this camp was giving him confidence and comfort to do everything. The power of your kindness through the counselors and nature changed him to become a person who wants to explore everything.” 

Soledad, 9 from Brooklyn 

When we asked Soledad about what summer means to her, she shared about all the things that inspired her to draw different photographs of what makes this summer special! “I’m going to spend time with my cousins in Virginia, this is a game I play with my brother, this is an anime I like, and in the middle is me and my new friend Xinna that I met here at Fresh Air Summer Spaces. Really – it is super fun!” 

Andy, 5 from Brooklyn 

For Andy the best part of summer is really simple – food! “Summer for me is french fries, hamburgers, soda and hot sauce!” 

Ayesha, 7 from Queens 

“When I created my Portrait of Summer, I got to use my imagination and draw! I drew my friends, family and me at the beach because I wanted to show what I do in the summer. I can’t wait to show it to my family!” 

Alanna, 6 from Brooklyn 

“I love my Mom and Dad, chocolate ice cream, flowers, my cat, Mario games and no alarm clocks because they wake you up!” 

We want to know what summer means to you! Submit your own original drawing, painting or digital art to! 

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