October 26, 2021 Category: Fresh Air Fun

Portrait Of Summer: What Does Summer Mean to You?

At The Fresh Air Fund, summer is a special time full of fun, new experiences, new friends and new adventures! 

This summer, we launched a new community art project, Portrait of Summer, which asked our Fresh Air community to share what summer means to them. We have been so excited to see the colorful drawings, incredible paintings and digital art that has been submitted. Through their art, Fresh Air kids shared the special memories they’ve made as part of The Fresh Air Fund.  

Aeden, 12

“My inspiration for my Portrait of Summer was nature. Summer for me means to go out and have fun! It’s the time to be alive. My favorite memory from The Fresh Air Fund is when I went to the lake and swam and played with friends.”

Matt, 8   

“My inspiration for my artwork is the Fresh Air camp I went to. I saw a lot of green, hills, and trees… and I decided to add the sun. Summer to me is a gathering of family and friends.”

Jesus, 8  

“Summer makes me think of the pool! I know how to swim now and want to try a cannonball without floaties this summer! See, that’s me in the yellow on the right!” 

Elena Cherepukhina, Fresh Air Parent 

“I drew a cottage because before we went to Family Wellness, my family and I went to Pennsylvania to a cottage. It was our first outing in almost a year since COVID. We love The Fresh Air Fund! We think it’s a great program for anyone to participate!” 

Zoe, 11

“I love camp! I liked all the activities and the new people I met. I like kayaking, rowing and learning about the farm. I added signs in my drawing – the “Mask Required” and “Caution Fun.” When I think of summer, it makes me think of swimming, arts & crafts and fresh air!”

Oksana, 11

“When I think of summer, I think of hot days, beautiful tropical islands, beaches and coconuts. In my drawing, I included all these summer portraits in one! There is a beach and an island with lounge chairs and palm trees inside a cracked coconut. This gives me a very summer and tropical vibe.” 

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