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Hardest Goodbye to Camp 

Written by: Fresh Air Alum, Effie, 18

I had the most beautiful adventures far from home 

from being sad every day in the city, but camp has changed my whole 

every year I knew I always wanted to come back 

and that’s what I did, but still the hardest part was saying goodbye to camp 

Being away just to live in nature for a few days or weeks, it touched my heart 

the bonding and surroundings were a masterpiece that filled camp with art  

I’ve never felt so much happier living here 

and finally be able to find a family that understood my thoughts real clear  

Camp practically raised me up where each day was packed with a surprise  

seeing campers constantly grow every year and counselors smiling with pride  

there’s always that excitement at camp that you can never hide  

but when it’s time to leave, there’s the front trail of goodbye tears that everyone have been cried  

Years after years summer camp was my place for a family reunion  

the greatest team where friends become teachers and teachers become leaders  

My joy always came from camp in the best way. It has always changed me  

It began with the start of homesick and fears to sunshine and comfortability  

Friends at camp that I find much more than the ones in school  

with our music notes flying across the dining hall 

the creativity of everyone and our older set of campers that dedicates different workshops  

with an equal opportunity to show off what we liked best  

Days when we hiked even further from our cabins and stayed in wooden shelters  

we all physically and mentally kept looking out for each other  

to show everyone that we are never going to be alone 

where camp has brought many of us out of our comfort zone  

The hardest goodbye to camp, sometimes it never felt real  

but it wasn’t a dream, I saw 6 buses in rows lined up nice and clean  

every morning, I was always ready for another day  

of activities, another meal, and campers guide the way  

Every workshop that made campers passionate about something different  

or simply a mini hike allows campers to relieve stress is so refreshing  

camp had me grow in wild environments  

the smell of nature, dreams, fulfilled with love and independence  

Camp was my biggest possibility of determination and success 

the factor of growth and perseverance  

to improve on my patience  

and typically encounter new types of situations, learn to form my decisions  

As well as connecting with my counselors and form friendships with my peers 

to flourish the good times and step it out with a little confidence  

normal to feel nervous, but coming out stronger than ever  

the encouragement to always try something new, it’s okay to be scared  

From not talking at all to can’t stop talking  

the transformation that camp turned me into  

just like math, the discoveries of different sequences I’ve developed  

and adapting the world to shape my own characteristics  

Straightforward, camp was where I was able to enhance my mental health  

and build my trust against other people I met  

my community where I began to feel a sense of self acceptance  

campers and counselors that convey empathy and relationships 

And just the night before a memorable stage starts to close  

talented campers performed songs, poems, skits, and visions they’ve shown  

banquet night, cheers to our last meal before we head home  

heartwarming stories upon our return  

As everyone wraps up another successful session  

shared by memory sheets and contact information 

I have to say, Camp ABC: I’m happy to call you home, my place where I never wanted to let go  

it was always hard to say goodbye to you, although there will always be some unknowns  

Camp was where I was able to encounter a set of challenges  

and bring out my strengths to my fullest extent  

I was able to visualize who I was starting to become  

and let myself breathe and have full conversations with people around  

The hardest goodbye every year, the only option for me was to cry it out 

just everyone I deeply cared about, a tight hug was never enough  

but I realized, this is just a see you again  

because there will always be next summer. Camp ABC, I love you forever <3