May 14, 2023 Category: What's New? Meet Fresh Air

Dear Mom: A Series of Love Notes From The Fresh Air Team to Their Incredible Mothers 

May is one of our favorite months because summer is right around the corner, and because it includes Mother’s Day which is a time to honor the incredible mothers and mother figures in our life.  

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked the Fresh Air team to share a special note for their mom!  

Anthony Vecere: Superhero  

“It’s no coincidence that we use the same adjectives to describe moms as we do superheroes: they’re strong, tireless, compassionate, and always making sacrifices for others. But if you asked me to describe my mom – Linda Vecere – those hardly scratch the surface. She is also the person who taught me to laugh at myself, to be patient with others, and whose moral compass always points us in the right directions. Happy Mother’s Day, Linda!”  

Aixin Liew: A Caring Mom 

“When I sent my mom a picture of the newborn calf at The Fund’s Sharpe Reservation, she said that she wanted to give it a bath and a good cuddle. When I sent her our pictures from ringing NASDAQ’s opening bell, she asked if we’d become a publicly listed company (despite being a nonprofit). That sums up my mother most of the time – caring, if not slightly confused. Happy Mother’s Day to Moms, givers of good cuddles!” 

Eshraq Abbas: My Inspiration 

“I want to take a moment and thank you for the endless love and support you have given me throughout my life. Your unwavering presence and guidance have inspired and shaped me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful for all that you do. I love you more than words could ever express.”  

Carla Brown: A Protector 

“My mother is a real tiger, she sacrifices, she protects, and she’s a go-getter. I love you!”  

Denzil Rodriguez: Thank you Mom

“Words can’t describe the amount of love and gratitude for raising me and my brother. Being new to a country and raising us was not an easy task. I hope you know that your love and dedication mean the world to us and we will always love you for it. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day because you deserve that and more.” 

Nicki Bogie: My Rock 

“My mother, Ms. Marcia A Phillips has always been the rock in my life. She has persevered to take care of us and herself, being the epitome of a hard-working mom and balancing the life of a professional RN. My mom is also a studious scholar prepared to always be in the best position for whatever life throws at her and I am just lucky, she’s my Mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!”   

Happy Mother’s Day to all the members of our Fresh Air family!