March 07, 2022

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Share your SHEro!

March is Women’s History Month! One way we are recognizing and celebrating the many incredible women in our community is by asking our Fresh Air Family to share their SHEro’s – the women who continue to propel our communities forward. A SHEro can be a mentor, a mother, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, a public figure – or someone we admire, someone who advocates for us and others, who has touched our lives directly or inspired us from afar. 

Share Your Shero!

Khalil, 6  

My Sheroes are my Mommy, Grammy, Nana and Abuela because they love me, and they help me think. My favorite thing I like to do with my Mommy is go to Prospect Park and have picnics on sunny days. We also play games together. 

Brianne Gonzalez, Fresh Air Communications Intern  

My SHEro is my mother. She is a single mom who has always made necessary sacrifices for my two sisters and I to succeed. She is my role model and I aspire to be like her every day. 

Sherline Ortiz, Fresh Air Project Coordinator 

My Shero is my best friend. She is going after her dream of becoming an ER nurse. Having started her nursing school journey during the start of pandemic I have seen how much she has had to adapt her learning style and that has been inspirational. I admire her a lot for going after her dreams and consistently learning how to be the best she can be. I am so proud to be her best friend. 

Giovanni, 17 

My Shero is my mother. She sacrificed so much of herself for her children. She also reflects what I want to be as a parent someday – strong and someone who would do anything for their child. My mom is my go-to advisor. When I have problems, I like going to her for advice because she listens. She is always there for me and gives me great advice 

Eshraq Abbas, Fresh Air Staff Accountant 

My Shero is the most loving, selfless, patient, pure woman in my life, my mother. She has an amazing soul and is beautiful inside out. This woman made sure to provide her family a home filled with love, comfort and tranquility. She always stood beside us, has our backs and is a rock for our family. Fun fact – her name in English means Gem. It is so fascinating how the meaning of her name embodies who she is as a human being. There are no words to express how she makes me feel and how her existence and essence in my life is everything I need to be happy, loved and blessed. 

My mother is truly my role model. Because of her, I made sure that as a mother myself, I’m raising my son to embed that same energy, patience, unconditional love, comfort, and all that my mom provided me with. Words nor actions can never convey how much love I have for her. Bless all the mothers out there because they are true Sheroes. 

Sarah, 8  

My best friend is my Shero because she always inspires me. My best friend perseveres even when she is scared of something. My favorite thing to do with her is play Roblox.  

Jeffrey Ren, Fresh Air alum  

My mother is my Shero. She is someone who has been with me every step of the way, whether when I am facing hardships or celebrating my successes. She encourages me to be the best of myself and inspires me to pursue the things I love.