June 21, 2024 Category: Fresh Air Fun

10 Activities to Try at Camp This Summer

Summers with The Fresh Air Fund are the best time of year to find a new passion! Throughout your time at camp, you will have the chance to discover new hobbies or further develop old ones. From sports to arts to culinary, the opportunities are limitless. 

1. Swimming at the lake 

Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves by setting and working towards swimming goals. You will take a swim test during each session to earn a new wristband. After a few summers and lots of practice, you will become an expert in the water! 

2. Hiking through the forest 

One of the best ways to learn more about nature is through a scenic hike. You will discover different kinds of plants on your walk and be awed by the beautiful views!  

3. Building carpentry skills 

The Design to Thrive program through our partnership with PennPraxis is a favorite for many older campers. You will work as a team to learn more about carpentry and turn those skills into a creation. Last summer, they made Adirondack chairs and signs for camp! 

4. Practicing archery 

Work on your aim with our target practices activities at archery! A lot of campers are new to archery but quickly pick it up and enjoy the challenge! 

5. Culinary lessons at the farm 

The farm is the best place to learn about different animals, plants and foods. Campers get to explore the garden, then head to the kitchen in the nutrition center to try and make a new recipe! 

6. Scoring points on the field 

Campers love playing soccer, volleyball, gaga ball, kickball or basketball outside! If you play one sport all the time at home, why not try a new one? Gaga is a very popular activity at camp that many campers try for the first time and quickly become pros! 

7. Getting creative at arts and crafts 

At camp, we offer a variety of art classes. Channel your inner artist by painting landscapes of the lake or pretend you’re a famous designer in fashion class!  

8. Playing a new instrument 

Guitar lessons are another highlight at camp! Many campers have never picked up a guitar before camp and develop a new talent. 

9. Kayaking with a new friend 

A great way to connect with other campers and try a new activity is kayaking or boating! Being on the water requires teamwork and collaboration. You’ll get to make a friend while enjoying the lake! 

10. Dancing like no one’s watching 

Our dances classes, offered at some of our camps, help children to step out of their comfort zone and into a new rhythm. You will have the chance to learn a choreographed dance and experiment with freestyle!