May, 2024

5 Things to Know Before Starting Summer Camp 

Summer is right around the corner – that means only a few weeks until the first day of camp! For many, going to sleepaway camp, away from home, can be a big transition. We want everyone to be a Read More

March, 2024

10 Ways to Know Your Child Is Ready for Camp 

Going to sleepaway camp for the first time is a very exciting experience and big milestone, though it is very normal for both campers and parents to be nervous!   The Fresh Air Fund wor Read More

March, 2024

2024 Career Fair: Exploring Professional Pathways

Students in The Fresh Air Fund’s Career Awareness Program visited the Con Edison Learning Center in Long Island City on a recent Saturday for the Annual Career Fair! They had the opportunity to Read More

February, 2024

Around the World: Meet Our International Camp Counselors 

Both campers and counselors at The Fresh Air Fund’s camps have opportunities to meet people from around the world! Last summer, The Fund employed camp staff from 21 different countries! With co Read More

January, 2024

Brunch and Business: CCP Reunion Highlights Networking Opportunities for Students 

From reconnecting with fellow alumni to networking with new mentors in breakout rooms, this year’s College Connections Program Brunch sparked engagement and enthusiasm among students. &nbs Read More

January, 2024

The Power of Music: Building Confidence through the Guitar 

If there’s one thing children can find at summer camp, it’s adventure. From learning how to swim to hiking a mountain for the first time, there are so many different adventures children can e Read More

December, 2023

2023: The Fresh Air Fund’s Year in Review

As the year comes to an end, we’re excited to celebrate and look back at how special 2023 was for The Fresh Air Fund!    Whether it was traveling to a new state to stay with a ho Read More

December, 2023

Boosting Study Skills through The Career Awareness Program

Every Tuesday night at 6pm, Brandon and his tutor Marielle meet at The Fresh Air Fund office in Midtown Manhattan for their weekly tutoring session. After a long day of school for Brandon and wor Read More

November, 2023

Life After Graduation: How the College Connections Program Prepares Students for their Futures

From working with mentors on essays and college applications to establishing a professional network of contacts, The Fresh Air Fund’s College Connections Program (CCP) prepares high school stud Read More