Spring Fling

Our annual young professional cocktail party featured an open bar, delicious fare, exciting raffle prizes, and bocce!

For more information or if you are interested in donating to our raffle, please email events@freshair.org.

  • Event Chairs

  • Meghan Borden
    Merrill Brady
    Tolly Krusen
    Benji Nwachukwu
    Chanler Rutherfurd
    Kyle Soto
    Mara Upson
    Emily Weiss

  • Event Committee

  • Stevie Athanassiou
    Charlotte Bancroft
    Victor Banjo
    Sean Barber
    Charlotte Berkowitz
    Elliot Borden
    Kelly Brady
    Libby Burton
    Tim Carson
    Daisy Cephas
    Gwen Chelidze
    Jocelyn Cole
    Andrew Cook
    Mallory Creveling
    Michelle Diller
    Amir Sharif Emami
    Spencer Feldman
    Danielle Fudger
    Hillary Ghitelman
    Elise Grechko
    Anne Habecker
    Sade Henry
    Gilda Hosseini
    H. Branch Johnson






    John Kelly
    Teal Kraus
    Ashley Lake
    Rachel Levy
    Lola Linarte
    Julia Marcus
    Marielle Villar Martiney
    Mike Middleton
    Gladis Moreira
    Kate Moscowitz
    Katie O’Sullivan
    Vondre Ossorio
    Ariel Pierre
    Dana Pollock
    Jamtex Rodriguez
    Erica Rubin
    Ryan Sullivan
    Matthew Sussingham
    Emily Upson
    Ben Weiss
    Cara Weiss
    Kate Wheelock
    Jonathan Wiener
    Rikki Wolff
    Samantha Zager