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Concurso de fotografía de Pueblos Amigos Verano 2023

For NYC children participating in the Friendly Towns program for the very first time this past summer or for children returning to visit the same host family – one thing remained true for everyone: a summer with Friendly Towns was truly an unforgettable experience! It was an opportunity to explore a new environment and have new experiences like kayaking or visiting a local farm. Each visit was unique and full of special memories. 

We are excited to share some of our favorite photos submitted in our Summer 2023 Friendly Towns Photo Contest! We loved seeing all the photos filled with smiles, laughter and friendship. Follow along to see some of our favorites! 

Abigail and the Svendsen-Tehan Family 

Abigail first visited the Svendsen-Tehan family in 2014 and returned for her seventh summer with them in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. The girls went kayaking, saw a concert and even tried to solve an escape room! 

Jayden, Luis and the Elkind-Stricoff Family 

Jayden and Luis stayed with the Elkind-Stricoff family for the first time in Highland Mills, New York. They had fun designing boats, hiking and splashing around in the pool! 

Zahnai and the Peters Family 

Zahnai visited the Peters family in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, for the third time. They went mini golfing, explored a lavender field and even opened a successful lemonade stand! 

Cail Giron and the Pratt-Buckholz Family 

Cail went to Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and visited the Pratt-Buckholz family for the first time. He had fun exploring nature and bowling! 

William and the Daly Family 

William was welcomed to the Daly family for his first summer in Shoreham, New York! 

Amos and the Centanni-Cantor Family 

Amos spent a week in East Hanover, New Jersey, with the Centanni-Cantor family for the first time this summer. One of his favorite things to do was relax by the pool! 

Quaeshawn and the Anstine Family 

Quaeshawn first visited the Anstine family in 2015 and was back for his seventh summer in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania! He had fun boating and boogie boarding! 

Olivia, Samaria and the Dugar-Rehmann Family 

Olivia and Samaria visited the Dugar-Rehmann family in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, where they spent a lot of time swimming and trying different ice cream flavors! 

Tyrone and the Friedman Family 

Tyrone returned for his second summer in Spring Lake, New Jersey, with the Friedman family. His favorite activities included go-karting at the boardwalk and swimming at the beach! 

Ariana and the Russo Family 

Ariana visited the Russo family for her third summer in Boxford, Massachusetts! 

Naliyah and the Brenneman Family 

The Brenneman family welcomed Naliyah back for her fifth summer in Manheim, Pennsylvania! The girls had a blast at the water park! 

Ava and the Micare Family 

Ava visited the Micare family for the first time in Cohoes, New York, and loved spending time with their dog! 

Derek and the Ellis-Leas Family 

Derek visited the Ellis-Leas family in Claryville, New York, and jammed out on the drums! 

Destiny, Peyton and the Heller Family 

Destiny and Peyton traveled together for their first visit with the Heller family in Hicksville, New York. The girls explored a sunflower field! 

Priyah and the Picciolo Family 

Priyah visited the Picciolo family for the first time in Marlborough, Connecticut, where she spent lots of time horseback riding, making homemade pizza and playing with the Picciolo’s dog! 

Izabella and the Katz-Bell Family 

Izabella spent the week with the Katz-Bell family for the first time in Averill Park, New York. She enjoyed playing with their dog and skateboarding!  

Desire and the Harshbarger Family 

Desire returned for her third summer in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with the Harshbarger family, where she baked zucchini bread and went rollerblading! 

Nery and the Roberto Family 

Nery visited the Roberto family in Hopewell Junction, New York, for the first time and had a blast hiking and picnicking! 

Yangming and the Lignelli Family 

Yangming spent his third summer with the Lignelli summer in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and gathered blueberries! 

Karter and the Tolleth Family

Karter stayed with the Tolleth family in Gilette, New Jersey, for the first time and made s’mores and went tubing!  

Gabrielle and the Santiago Family 

Gabrielle had an exciting week in Hopewell Junction, New York, with the Santiago family for the first time. One of her favorite memories is swimming at the lake! 

Rayane and the Welsher Family 

Rayane returned for his second summer with the Welsher family in Penfield, New York. They had fun fishing, kayaking and going to a baseball game! 

Evan and the Hadinger Family 

Evan returned for his sixth summer in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, with the Hadinger family and showed off his basketball skills! 

A big Fresh Air thank you to all our volunteer leaders and host families for making the Friendly Towns program possible! The memories made this past summer will last a lifetime. 

It is not too late to submit photos for our Friendly Towns Photo Contest! Email photos to