octubre 28, 2022

A Summer Reunion: Meet Yamileth and the Powell Family 

Yamileth started visiting her host family, the Powells, through The Fresh Air Fund’s Friendly Towns program in 2018. She remembers her first summer vividly, “My first time going to Friendly Towns – I was excited. My parents didn’t really tell me a lot about it, but they said that it was a surprise!” 

Yamileth had many firsts during her Fresh Air summers. One of her most impactful memories is her first-time swimming in the lake. She remembers being nervous about the experience – since she didn’t like fish.  

Yamileth with her Fresh Air sister, Sophia, swimming in the lake during her second visit with the Powell family in 2019.
Foto por: Julia Comerford

Yamileth also remembers moments that she now smiles at – like when she tried pickles for the first time! Unsure about what she’s about to try, 11-year-old Yamileth looks at the green jar during a backyard July 4th dinner –  “I have never tried pickles before and wasn’t sure if I wanted to even try it, but I was surprised because now it’s my favorite,” Yamileth shared.  

Photo by: Allison Engkvist

This summer, Yamileth was excited to go back to Wayne, New Jersey for a fun adventure. It was a very special reunion visit after two years of being apart because of the pandemic.  

“A two-year separation felt like a very long time, since our Fresh Air child Yamileth started visiting us when she was 7 years old. But we hit the ground running! We were all so happy to be together, and it was a great week of fun outdoor activities. The time went by way too fast,” said Cristina Powell, volunteer host. 

Despite not seeing each other for two years, it was as if nothing had changed. Yamileth and the Powell family had a great week connecting, laughing and spending time outdoors!  

“Our home faces Packanack Lake, and the children spend a lot of time swimming. There were many hours of carefree summertime fun like playing on our giant swing and sitting in the gazebo enjoying the lake view. Despite the heat wave, we had a wonderful time” said Cristina shared.  

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