enero, 2024

Brunch y negocios: la reunión de CCP destaca las oportunidades de establecimiento de contactos para estudiantes 

From reconnecting with fellow alumni to networking with new mentors in breakout rooms, this year’s College Connections Program Brunch sparked engagement and enthusiasm among students. &nbs Leer más

junio, 2023

Un lugar al que llamar hogar: Suplemento de servicio público del New York Time del Fresh Air Fund

Gracias a The New York Times por un inspirador Suplemento de Servicio Público. Leer más

mayo, 2023

Conozca a Deborah Asirifi: directora de programas de Fresh Air Fund 

“Some of my favorite memories come from moments when I have on a Fresh Air Fund t-shirt, I have either often received smiles and head nods, and have been stopped to listen to a story about some Leer más

mayo, 2023

Querida mamá: una serie de notas de amor del equipo Fresh Air a sus increíbles madres 

Mayo es uno de nuestros meses favoritos porque el verano está a la vuelta de la esquina y porque incluye el Día de la Madre, que es un momento para honrar a las increíbles madres y figuras maternas en nuestra vida. Leer más

abril, 2023

Más que un verano: la perspectiva de un padre 

We understand that deciding when your child is ready for their first summer overnight experience is a big decision and are excited to share some perspectives directly from parents of Fresh Air pa Leer más

abril, 2023

Conozca al alumno de Fresh Air: Matthew Diaz  

Matthew Diaz from the Bronx was nine-years-old when he first visited the Weir family from Ramsey, New Jersey in 2010 through The Fresh Air Fund’s Friendly Towns Program. For the next seven summ Leer más

marzo, 2023

Socio comunitario destacado: Mixteca  

Last summer, The Fresh Air Fund partnered with Mixteca as part of the Summer Spaces program to provide New York City children, ages 5 to 12, with engaging and fun activities in their own Brooklyn Leer más

febrero, 2023

Celebrando la excelencia negra en el derecho

“Going to law school and being a lawyer does not mean you are checking off boxes to fit in. Law welcomes diverse experiences and encourages you to cultivate your passions to discover how it can Leer más

febrero, 2023

Una carta a los futuros consejeros de campamentos por primera vez 

Dear Wonderful Camp Counselors,   Congratulations on submitting your application and making the best decision to spend it at Fresh Air camp this summer! I know how difficult the application pro Leer más

febrero, 2023

Meet Fresh Air Alum: Victoria Lee Jones  

Victoria Lee Jones first started her Fresh Air journey in 1997 at the age of eight when she visited the Rousell household in Malone, New York, as part of The Fund’s Friendly Towns Program. Duri Leer más