A Day In Friendly Towns

What is a typical day in Friendly Towns? There is no typical day!

Some host families enjoy picnics and bike rides. Other families pick blueberries, go to the beach, visit local farms – or may even live on a farm!

Meet A Few Of Our Fresh Air Kids And Follow Them On

a day In Friendly Towns!

Wei Xiang



Wei Xiang. From Brooklyn, has visited the Carter family, in Killington, VT, for two summers.

Wei Xiang arriving in Vermont.

Wei Xiang reunited with his Fresh Air brother, Gabriel.

Wei Xiang playing soccer with summer brother, Gabriel, in the backyard.

Wei Xiang visiting the Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT.

Wei Xiang petting a goat.

Swimming is always a favorite activity.

Ready. Set. Go! Wei Xiang and Gabriel getting ready for a scooter race.

Wei Xiang baking a cake with Gabriel

The best way to end the day? Ice cream!

Taegen, from the Bronx, has visited the Flood family, in Fanwood, NJ, for four summers.

Taegan playing basketball.

Hanging out by the pool.

Taegan swimming in the pool with her summer siblings.

Taegan loves riding her scooter around the neighborhood.

Taegan swinging in the Flood’s backyard.

A favorite activity – Taegan drawing on the driveway with chalk with her summer siblings.

Taegan playing catch with her summer siblings.

Esmen, from the Bronx, has been visiting the Arthur family, in Huntington, NY, for five summers.

Esmen with his summer brothers, Jackson, Daniel, and Nicholas.

Esmen swinging in the Arthur family’s backyard with host brother, Jackson.

Esmen learned how to ride a bike while visiting his host family.

Esmen biking with host brother, Jackson.

The family discussing what to do next.

The answer? A waterslide in the backyard!

A big splash – helps everyone cool off on a hot day!

Esmen and Jackson picking tomatoes from the Arthur family’s garden.

The best way to end the day? Hanging out on the porch.

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